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Colorado River
Southern Nevada gets about 90 percent of its water from the Colorado River via Lake Mead. The river begins as snowmelt in the Rocky Mountains. Learn more about the Colorado River.

Project Overview

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) Clark, Lincoln and White Pine Counties Groundwater Development Project (GWD Project) intends to develop and convey approximately 200,000 acre-feet per year of groundwater from seven hydrographic basins in northern Clark, central Lincoln and southwestern White Pine Counties.

The groundwater includes both existing and future permitted water rights as permitted by the Nevada Division of Water Resources, Office of the State Engineer.

The SNWA submitted an application to the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in August 2004 for rights-of-way to construct and operate the GWD Project across federal lands.

The water right permitting process is separate from the right-of-way process. The Nevada Office of the State Engineer oversees the water right permitting process and will consider SNWA's applications for groundwater rights.

The BLM is the primary federal land managing agency and will consider the SNWA's application for rights-of-way.

If both water rights and rights-of-way are granted by the appropriate state and federal agencies, SNWA will begin construction and operation of groundwater production, conveyance and treatment facilities as well as power conveyance facilities.

Focus of this EIS

The purpose of the GWD Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is specifically focused on the environmental issues associated with the issuance of the rights-of-way from the BLM for the GWD Project.

The GWD Project EIS does not address the granting of water rights related to this project.

Preliminary Project Schedule
Environmental Process 2004 - 2008
Water Rights Process 2006 - 2009
Groundwater monitoring, testing and exploratory wells 2005 - 2009
Major pipeline and facility construction 2009 - 2014